It all started when…

Tired of models that focused solely on avoidance and preventative only measures, Tim and Lola sought to create something more comprehensive and self-sustaining. Something that went Beyond the Bare Minimum.

You don’t need to practice meditation, tantra, or deep breathing in order to be a decent human being and practice effective communication skills.


Our Team


Tim Mousseau

co-founder and lead speaker

Over the past few years, Tim has worked in the fields of sexual violence prevention and masculinity to move the needle on these critical topics at over 250 keynotes across the country. Throughout his work, Tim has been a proud partner of JDoe, a SpokesMo for the Movember Foundation, and a past board member of the nonprofit, 1 in 6. Professionally, Tim received a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and a Bachelors in Communication from the University of New Mexico. Outside of his work, Tim is an artist, having helped designed all 30 plus of his tattoos based on his significant life experiences.


Lola Jean

co-founder and lead speaker

Lola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Fetish Wrestler and Pro Domme. Lola speaks to audiences internationally about the effects and nuances of sexuality reverberating through society. In addition to private coaching Lola also organizes larger scale events and podcasts to change the dialogue surrounding sexuality and intimacy. Lola challenges gender and societal norms to push individuals to address the core mental blocks that paralyze their unconscious.

Are you looking to check a box? To verify each employee has likely paid attention to a required assembly each year. Or do you actually want to instill change and create a healthy culture. A culture that sustains itself. Beyond the Bare Minimum is not focused on correcting past behaviors but having individuals take ownership through introspection, influencing their behavior in the future.