Beyond Sexual Harassment Training

Beyond the Bare Minimum does just that. We go beyond the standardized required material for your workforce. No more boring presentations you won’t take seriously. To make best use of our time we provide an online toolkit individuals are required to familiarize themselves with prior to the in person training. This can also be used for new hires outside of a annual training.

We don’t focus solely on “what not to do” but also on how to carry yourself and behave. What are the fears and socialization that drive us here? How can we create a culture where these conversation can be less rooted in fear and instead normalized.

Navigating Conflict Conversation

Conflict conversation is a necessary part of progress and growth. So why are we do afraid of it? Learn tactics to make conflict conversation and disagreements productive for all parties involved. Learn how to set the stage within a work relationship creating a foundation for constructive communication. Understand why this type of communication is critical for success and successful relationships.

Women in the Workplace: Lessons on Power and Placating by a Pro Domme

It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about learning how to recognized socialized behaviors in yourself and how to combat insecurities. How do you remain empathetic and retain control? Communication is a tool we can manipulate in order to have difficult conversation and let others take us more seriously. Learn the micro aggressions and smaller habits that may be working towards you disadvantage and how to manipulate those for more effective communication.