Beyond the Bare Minimum focuses on the creation of three types of individualized training that cover far more than the state minimum guidelines for training on sexual harassment.

With increasing state mandates concerning sexual harassment training, the easy solution is to on a pre-made video with no customization to your organization's specific culture, team members or concerns. Beyond the Bare Minimum offers practical, down to earth, and interactive training to meet your employees where they are and get them to a place of a culture not only checking the box but focused on the worth of all your team members. Our primary training includes both in-person workshops and online education deployed together or individually.

We built our training to ensure your organization is compliant with New York state guidelines. It is also designed to go beyond the essentials in exploring the root causes for behaviors. Learn more about how we can help.

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Online Education

Our interactive online learning program uses a Learning Management System to offer video training. A series of videos, interactive quizzes, and reflection exercises comprise a model that is not easily ignored or quickly forgotten.

Comprised of 15 modules, the online training program takes roughly 1 hour to complete while offering more comprehensive education going Beyond the Bare Minimum.

Through our system, employees can be on-boarded as they join your organization, receive 24/7 technical support, and provide follow up resources for further discussion. Our system allows you to track completion rates while protecting employee responses and confidentiality.


In-Person Culture Training Workshop

A two-hour workshop, our in-person training complements our online educational programming by emphasizing more than behaviors to avoid, but the intent behind behaviors. This program helps team members understand how their actions can help contribute to a harassment-free culture.

Our program helps employees recognize their responsibility to one another beyond simple measures of what is considered legal.

Lessons included in this program:

  • Exploring the underlying intentions of our behavior

  • Communicating with peers or managers about their intentions

  • Approaching difficult conversations from a place of resolution.

When going Beyond the Bare Minimum, our work sparks a continuing conversation in your culture. To facilitate this, we also provide a series of tools and discussion guides your team can use to continue the conversation after the program.

Due to the unique nature of every organization’s culture, our program also includes points of customization based on employee and manager feedback before the event.


Customized Education

Every organization is unique. So are the problems they face. Through our regular programs, we can include elements of customization. Our team offers completely customized training developed around specific problem areas of your organization.

With these customized programs, our offerings can include the following topics:

  • Examining behaviors and underlying intents

  • Building harassment-free cultures

  • The legal and ethical component of sexual harassment prevention

  • Organizations in the post #MeToo era

  • The influence of fear in harassment

  • How to manage concerns and complaints

  • A dynamic understanding of consent beyond asking

For our customized training, every program begins with an assessment sent out to members of your team and management to collect feedback then used to design your unique program