Our Team

Here at the Good Guy Project, we know everyone has a different opinion and that the best arguments about an issue come from informed individuals. To ensure we are putting out the best content, we have partnered with a series of leading experts in their fields.

Learn about our team of super heroes here and more about our mission.


Tim Mousseau


Over the past few years, Tim has worked in the fields of sexual violence prevention and masculinity to move the needle on these critical topics at over 250 keynotes across the country. Throughout his work, Tim has been a proud partner of JDoe, a SpokesMo for the Movember Foundation, and a past board member of the nonprofit, 1 in 6. Professionally, Tim received a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and a Bachelors in Communication from the University of New Mexico. Outside of his work, Tim is an artist, having helped designed all 30 plus of his tattoos based on his significant life experiences.


Lola Jean


Lola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Fetish Wrestler and Pro Domme. Lola speaks to audiences internationally about the effects and nuances of sexuality reverberating through society. In addition to private coaching Lola also organizes larger scale events and podcasts to change the dialogue surrounding sexuality and intimacy. Lola challenges gender and societal norms to push individuals to address the core mental blocks that paralyze their unconscious.


Bryan Stacy


Bryan Stacy founded Biem App after fear prevented him from dealing with a sexual health situation that left his testicular cancer and chlamydia undiagnosed and untreated for months. After writing and speaking to thousands about his sexual health journey, he co-founded Biem Health, an app that gives people access to sexual health doctors, the ability to get tested for STDs, and share verified test results with sexual partners. He can be found on Instagram @talkingnut and @biemteam.


L.T. Taylor

L.T.’s commitment is based in celebrating consent, radical change and challenging oppressive systems that marginalize people in our communities. His work in the criminal justice reform within the Adult & Juvenile Justice Systems allows them to continue advancing the goal of equity and justice. Creating a supportive, brave and inclusive environment to allow all people the opportunity to explore pleasure and joy, L.T. seeks to make the sex positive, kink, and non-monogamous communities welcoming to all folx—especially people of color. The focal point of his workshops being conscious connection, consent and increasing intimacy leading individuals to their own liberation.


Stephen Penta

Stephen’s discussed the most intimate details of his sex life with strangers as the former producer of Guys We Fucked (the Anti-Slutshaming Podcast) and former boyfriend of a porn star. While he recognizes, as a straight identifying white male, he should be the *last* voice to speak up in a room.  As the Reluctant Sexpert, he provides an honest, crucial voice to help fellow straight men. It is his goal to help those across all gender and racial spectrums improve communication and normalize nuanced sexual conversations.

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Colin Lentz

Colin Lentz is a licensed social worker in New York working as a psychotherapist and career counselor for individuals and couples. He has specialized training and expertise with: sexual functioning and sexual anxiety; fetishes, kink, and BDSM; compulsive sexual behavior; non-monogamy and polyamory; gender (including transgender and gender diverse people); and sexuality. He combines psychodynamic and solutions-focused clinical techniques to support clients in fostering deeper self-compassion.